Transactional foreign exchange

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A whole world trading solution

Via Fintuitive’s partnership network you can pay suppliers in over 150 currencies and receive funds in more than 30 currencies, all from one account. There are no fees to sign up or maintain your account, plus no minimum contract period.

Deal your way

Whether you have fully bought into the Fintech revolution or prefer an old-fashioned phone call, we will work in a way that suits you, when it suits you. With the virtual account, you can collect or payout in local currency, download and sync your payment and receivables data 24/7 .

Simplify overseas income

Issue invoices directly through our system and manage them online via our “Get Paid” facility.

We will guide you how to make use of a smart multiple-payment facility designed to maximise productivity and efficiency, removing extra work for you.

Fast and secure settlement

No more tedious waiting for hourly batch payments. Our straight through processing means your money is checked, allocated and processed as soon as it hits your FX account.

All your funds are held in segregated accounts under FCA EMI rules.

Custody of client funds are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), strict governance and operational processes are in place offering peace of mind for every single transaction

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